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When organisations face allegations of wrongdoing or inquiries from regulators, a rapid and appropriately tailored response is critical.
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When organisations face allegations of wrongdoing or inquiries from regulators, a rapid and appropriately tailored response is critical. MHM Accounting supports clients — boards of directors, executive management, in-house counsel, and external legal advisors at law firms around the globe — through every step of an investigation. This includes responding to an incident, uncovering critical facts, communicating with regulators, engaging in remediation efforts, and, ultimately, meeting the requirements of a settlement agreement and repairing reputational damage. Our clients rely on us in investigations involving allegations of corporate fraud and misconduct, money laundering, bribery and corruption, trade sanction violations, and other regulatory issues.
Our investigation strategies withstand stringent scrutiny by regulators and enforcement agencies. We leverage market-leading technologies to provide investigative insights into crucial electronic records and communications that identify root causes of misconduct. Then, we apply what is learned to strengthen ethics and compliance programmes and the controls underlying them to avoid a recurrence. If a corporate integrity monitor is required, we can serve as an independent monitor or assist the appointed monitor.
MHM Accounting

Frequently Asked Questions

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Accounting Advisory & Restatements

Organisations in every sector face complex accounting and reporting issues that can potentially impact the business significantly. For expert support in all accounting and financial reporting areas, many of the world’s top organisations and institutions seek our advice. Our experienced global team of technical accountants assists clients with the most complex accounting, financial reporting and regulatory matters. Our goal is to react quickly, efficiently and confidently to maintain and restore credibility of the organisation’s financial reporting.

Clients rely on us to resolve matters with minimum disruption to their businesses and to avoid recurrences by recommending appropriate remediation. When potential restatements or irregularities arise, our decades-tested approaches enable us to efficiently gather facts, interview all parties, reconstruct corporate books, analyse issues and assess claims, and prepare reports and presentations that stand up to regulatory and judicial scrutiny.

Anti-Money Laundering Response

Today, organisations face unprecedented scrutiny and pressure in the global war on money laundering and terrorist financing. Often, investigations are unavoidable, whether initiated internally by a compliance group or internal auditor, or externally by regulators or other governing bodies. Global clients rely on our investigative services and customised solutions in response to anti-money laundering (AML), sanctions and financial crimes. Law firms, regulators, financial institutions and cash-dependent corporations engage us as a trusted, independent partner to launch end-to-end investigations and bring them to successful conclusions, or to serve as independent monitors as part of a settlement or deferred adjudication.

Anti-Bribery & Corruption Response

The growing complexity and effectiveness of globally coordinated anti-corruption regulatory enforcement require organisations to develop effective investigative protocols. Protocols enable organisations to gauge the scope and severity of potential non-compliance when concerns arise. Organisations that deftly understand and responsibly remediate instances of misconduct have more productive outcomes both internally and with regulators, including the chance of avoiding the imposition of a monitor. Such remedial measures can include the creation, installation and monitoring of corporate compliance and governance programmes. We help organisations avoid violations and, when events of noncompliance are suspected, assist them and their counsel in conducting fact-finding investigations, utilising leading investigative protocols, tools and techniques.

Corporate Risk & Investigations

Corporate risks, if realised, can significantly impact an organisation’s operations and lead to costly business disruptions. Corporate risks involving allegations of improper business conduct often result in the need to conduct an internal investigation. Leading companies, law firms and enforcement agencies around the globe rely on our firm as a trusted, independent partner to assist in responding to allegations, conducting investigations, managing collateral consequences to corporate reputations and mitigating the financial impact. Our senior expert team designs and executes practical investigative strategies, utilising advanced technologies to gather and analyse facts that bring a corporate investigation to a successful conclusion.


Global organisations must provide data in international jurisdictions for regulatory requests, discovery and investigations. Unique problems often arise, including data privacy issues, security concerns, language and cultural barriers, and logistical challenges. When facing legal or regulatory issues with international implications, having a partner that understands the legal landscape is a significant advantage. For decades, we have been a trusted, independent partner for many of the world’s top law firms and multinational corporations. Our cross-border teams with experience in local jurisdictions make the difference between a painless problem and an overwhelming challenge.

With offices in every major geographic region, our established teams are on the ground wherever your matter occurs, ready to act. Like many of our clients, we maintain secure data centres in multiple countries, including the U.S., Canada, UK, France, Germany, UAE, China and Australia. We also offer a mobile solution to quickly deploy professionals on-site anywhere in the world, to conduct a complete investigation, from collection through to analysis and production.

Our senior practitioners have deep expertise in working with local data privacy laws, statutes and even state secrecy regulations. Clients continually rely on our multidisciplinary teams when they need to address laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which they do business. Our practitioners, who include qualified lawyers in the regions where data resides, are fluent in more than 30 languages and dialects, and are also well versed in jurisdictions’ legal principles and customs.

Export Controls, Sanctions & Trade

Most global organisations contend with export controls, sanctions and trade-related risks. To stay current with regulatory requirements and prevent or resolve export controls- and sanctions-related issues, many of the world’s top law firms, top bank holding companies, and half of the Global 100 partner with our firm. They leverage our decades of government enforcement and in-house risk and compliance experience and our global geographic footprint. We help them navigate the complexity of export controls and sanctions compliance by distilling these complex issues into manageable, actionable, and auditable internal controls.

Financial Regulatory Response

More and more, global financial institutions are being scrutinised by regulatory agencies for matters involving non-financial regulatory reporting, allegations of malfeasance in financial transactions, and while executing complex customer remediation programmes. These matters and investigations originate with a regulator, whistleblower, employee, internal group or the press, and require a quick response to protect corporate operations and reputation. Often, internal investigations must be conducted, and sometimes an outside monitor must be appointed. Organisations, external counsel and regulators call on FTI Consulting as a trusted, independent partner to manage investigations and institute compliance and governance programmes that proactively prevent them.

Clients and their legal advisors have called on us to help resolve some of the world’s most high-profile cases, and we’ve helped them successfully resolve numerous regulatory matters. Our global scale, reach and presence allow us to cover complex asset searches in multiple jurisdictions. We deploy teams anywhere in the world, offering you multilingual capabilities, familiarity with different countries’ business practises and customs, in-house investigative abilities to conduct on-the-ground inquiries, and provide personalised client service directly engaged on your project.

Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigation

Global organisations face vast regulatory, economic and legal challenges. Major disruptive events lead to organisational uncertainty and instability. Changing business models, restructurings and downsizings, and other corporate events often result in pressures on employees that may lead to fraud or misconduct. Organisations engage us to address allegations regarding accounting improprieties, conflicts of interest, misappropriation of assets, and circumvention of regulations. Our team of seasoned forensic accountants, financial experts, data analysts, statisticians, technology and security professionals, and business intelligence experts sift through complex data and apply proven investigative and forensic accounting methods to support legal teams and act as independent investigators.


Organisations of every size in every industry are subject to regulatory settlements that may require an independent monitor. Government regulatory agencies frequently need to appoint an integrity monitor to verify an organisation’s compliance with terms of a settlement. For decades, our firm’s integrated global team of senior compliance experts and industry specialists has assisted monitors or served as the independent monitor in these matters. We also proactively evaluate, enhance and monitor the effectiveness of compliance programmes for top-performing global organisations across all industries and sectors.

Our global team’s wealth of monitoring experience and international resources with extensive knowledge of regulatory compliance and investigations combine seamlessly, without the burden of auditor independence, member firm obstacles or conflicts of interest. The team’s proven approach and decades of monitoring experience and successful execution enable us to cost-effectively satisfy your compliance and monitoring needs. We maintain independence and fulfil your company’s legal and compliance remediation obligations under the monitoring agreement, all with the highest degree of professionalism.

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